Quinoa and Sausage Stuffed Peppers with Tomato Peanut Sauce

Stuffed Quinoa and Sausage Peppers with Tomato Peanut Sauce

By now, we’re familiar with amaranth, millet, barley, or quinoa—to name a few. Each wholegrain is welcomed with curiosity and questions: What’s the history, where’s it from, and how is it cooked? Similar to rice, they’re mostly mild with a nutty, wholesome taste. Most whole grain recipes are served cold or room temperature as a vegetable salad or pilaf. They’re often used in breads and cereals, too.

In this recipe, quinoa is mixed with sausage to create a savory and healthy stuffing for cubanelle or poblano peppers roasted in the oven. The stuffed peppers are served with a sweet Tomato Peanut Sauce. The sausage is a simple and flavorful addition to quinoa’s mild nutty flavor. The Tomato Peanut sauce is adapted from Marcus Samuelsson’s The Soul of a New Cuisine cookbook. Such a recipe promotes quinoa from a dainty side dish or salad into a main course.

Wholegrains are thousands of years old, and they’re the lifeline to many cultures around the globe. Their miniature size amazes scientists and nutritionists for their abundant nutritional value. As modern appetites welcome these ancient and mighty grains (quinoa is actually a seed) back into our diets, we’re learning they’re not dainty ingredients for a dish only served cold. The comment section is closed. To get the recipe and leave a comment, please visit

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