Raspberry Molasses Granola

Homemade Raspberry Granola

We’re extremely blessed to have a full refrigerator of leftover dinner from New Year’s Day, and I don’t want to bake or cook another dish for the next few days. As I wondering what to contribute this week that won’t add another dish to the refrigerator or extra pounds to our waistlines, I notice we’re quickly going through the granola cereal. A good quality granola cereal with less processed ingredients isn’t cheap.

They’re only a couple of brands of granola we buy, because most of them are too sweet. This recipe is easy to switch out ingredients for making your own unique recipe. Start with changing the ratio of dried fruit and nuts if either is more preferred. Experiment with various nuts and dried fruit. Try using flavorful oils, sea salts and spices. Molasses is a beautiful dark and rich sweetener for this granola mix, but honey, dark amber maple, rice syrup and other natural sweeteners are good alternatives. If a sweeter granola is preferred, try tossing a little brown sugar with the dry ingredients. The idea for adding fruit preserves or puree to granola was inspired by David Lebovitz’s food blog. The fruit puree adds a fruity and jammy taste. The comment section is closed. To get the recipe and leave a comment, please visit

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