• African Heritage & Health Week

    If you’ve never tried an authentic African heritage meal from Africa, the Caribbean, South America, or the American South before, then African Heritage & Health Week on February 1–7, 2013 is the perfect time to discover why its savory flavors and naturally healthy features make African Heritage Cuisine the next big food trend. Visit http://www.oldwayspt.org/programs/african-heritage-health/african-heritage-health-week to learn more.

    Start the Year by Improving Bad Habits and Trying New Food Pairings

    by  • January 4, 2014 • African Heritage & Health Week, Baking, Breakfast, Fall, Kwanzaa Recipes, Recipes, Tonewood Maple, Whole-Grains, Wine and Food, Winter • 1 Comment

    Maple Cumin Bread

    Start the New Year with the unexpected pairing of a Tea and Beer tasting, an event organized by Jo of AGiftofTea.com. And, a good mistake of accidentally using cumin instead of cinnamon, creates a smoky quick bread topped with crunchy maple flakes.

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    Habari Gani? Peanut-Tomato Chicken Stew

    by  • December 28, 2013 • African Heritage & Health Week, Dinner, Holiday Recipes, Kwanzaa Recipes, Recipes, Soups, Winter • 4 Comments

    Peanut-Tomato Chicken Stew

    These past couple of years, a few food blogger friends and I, contributed recipes to KwanzaaCulinarians.com. This would’ve been our third year, but I needed to rest. I regret that we failed our fans in this decision, but this is a better solution for me. In addition to taking a relaxing vacation from my...

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